Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us once again and if like me, you’re rocking the single life this year, you may feel a little left out in the cold during this holiday but rather than bowing to social pressure and going on a terrible Tinder date or hiding away feeling sorry for yourself, here are 14 ways to have an amazing Valentine’s Day while single.

Spend some time with people you love

Valentine’s doesn’t have to just be about romantic love! Use the day as an excuse to spend some time with your family or best friends


Ignore the social pressure

Society seems to put an increasing amount of pressure on us all to “find someone” for Valentine’s Day but sometimes it’s best just ignore that pressure.

Have a Movie/ TV marathon

Build yourself a blanket fort, fill it with snacks and spend the day re-watching your favourite movies or shows, I guarantee you’ll hardly even remember the date by the time you get to Prisoner of Azkaban!


Spoil Yourself

That book you’ve been dying to read? That new game all your friends are raving about? A life size cardboard cut-out of Jenson Ackles? Spoil yourself with a little of whatever makes you happy!


Try something new

We all have those hobbies we’d love to try out but never quite seem to have the time for so use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to invest a little time in yourself and potentially pick up a new hobby

Bust out your favourite videogame

Because it’s hard to care about Valentine’s Day if you’re knee-deep in zombie corpses or busy saving Gotham

Talk to your crush

Chances are you have a crush on someone, there’s nothing wrong with using Valentine’s Day to talk to them! You don’t need to pour your heart and soul out, just a simple “Hello” will suffice.

Cook or bake yourself something amazing

Going back to the idea of using the day to treat yourself, try cooking your favourite meal or baking your favourite treat

Avoid social media

Do you really care what colour roses Jenny got her girlfriend? Do you really want to hear all about how lucky Dave feels to be taking his wife to Pizza Express? No, no one does!

And while we’re at it, NO texting/ calling/ IM’ing your ex

Exes are just that for a reason so unless you’re one of those rare individuals who has remained best friends with an ex for years after a breakup, don’t be tempted to reach for their number this Valentine’s, you’ll only end up regretting it later!

Show yourself some love

You can go ahead and interpret this advice in any way you’d like

Get excited about all the cheap candy you’re going to be able to buy on February 15th


Volunteer to help a friend

This one might seem an odd suggestion but it’s always nice to be nice! So if you have a friend who might need a hand organizing the perfect surprise for their partner or a sibling who might appreciate a babysitter for the day then offer to do what you can, it’s always nice to see people you care about happy and you never know when you might need them to return the favor.

Go out anyway

Because this day is just as much yours as it is anyone else’s and you shouldn’t feel like anywhere is out of limits just because it’s Valentine’s Day


From all of us here at Roll the Dice, Happy Valentine’s Day


About The Author

Autumn Blackstone

Autumn is a 24 year old of various professions. She enjoys reading, videogames, music and talking about herself in the third person.

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