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Another week has passed us by and we move into another reset period. This week we get 3 more artifacts, a new nightfall and a change to the heroic strikes modifiers. Read on to gain some insight on whats to come and how to conquer!

Iron Banner is now live!

Get to the Iron Temple and talk to Lord Saladin to pick up the starting quest to begin Iron Banner, this quest will send you towards Lady Efrideet (Once per character). While the area is open, you can also get a Dormant SIVA fragment, just head away from the temple towards where in the first mission you had to jump from the trap. You will find the fragment behind some rocks. On offer this week are boots and helmet Armour with sniper rifles and hand cannons for the weapons.


Challenge mode – Aksis


Nightfall – Recommended light 380

This week’s Nightfall is Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Rush to the aid of the AI Warmind Rasputin as he broadcasts a plea for help across the system.

The modifiers for this week are as follows:-

Epic – Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

Brawler – Player melee damage is greatly increased.

Grounded – Players take increased damage while in the air.

Chaff – Player radar is disabled.

Fresh Troops – Some enemy squads have been fortified with additional reinforcements.

This week the nightfall is one of the most annoying strikes in Destiny. Once you get past the warsat then most Guardians will have no issues. Make sure to have your head on a swivel since you will not have radar and try not to jump around too much. 


SIVA crisis heroic strikes – Recommended light 350

This week will see another selection of modifiers to keep you on your toes. Remember your first completion of the week will net you a Treasures of the Dawning box!

Void Burn – Damage using Void weapons and abilities is doubled, but you will receive triple damage from such sources.

Brawler – Player melee damage is greatly increased.

Ironclad – More enemies will have shields. 

Commander Zavala has some new weekly bounties to pick up:

Strike Elite – Earn “Gold Tier Achieved”, “Silver Tier Achieved”, or “Bronze Tier Achieved” Medals.
Sunrise –
Earn a Gold Tier Achieved Medal in the Nightfall before time expires.
Merciless – Get 9 Rapid enemmy kills to earn “Rampage” Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.

Lord Shaxx has a new bounty this week to pick up:

A Hunt for Glory – Exercise your skills in the Supremacy match type.

New Artifacts

There are now 3 new artifacts to choose from, remember to pick up the quest Champion of the light and do Noble deeds in the Plaguelands, this can easily be done by completing the raid Wrath of the Machine or by doing missions on patrol which also includes Archon Forge. Once you have done the quest you can then pick an artifact and then attune it to the statue behind Tyra Karn. Try to check each week as the stats on each artifact changes.

The artifacts on offer are –

Memory of Skorri – When your super is full, nearby allies’ supers recharge faster. (Discipline +60/ 103)
Memory of Radegast – Gain the ability to reflect energy based projectiles when Guarding with a Sword. Increased Sword ammo capacity. (Strength +70/ 113)
Memory of Gheleon – Grants a detailed radar. Radar persists when sighting with primary weapons. (Intellect +30/ 73 – Strength +30/ 73)


Shiro – 4 also has some new bounties to pick up which include:

Archon’s Forge: Dregs – Complete Dreg encounters in the Archons Forge.
Archon’s Forge: Vandals – Complete Vandal encounters in the Archons Forge.
Pull the plug – Kill Fallen Majors and Ultras
Shock it to me – Defeat Fallen with Arc damage.


That’s all for for this week, be sure to check out some of my other articles here!

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