For those of you not already familiar with the work of Sarah Graley, she is a Birmigham based artist living out her dream of being a full-time comic creator and illustrator, she is best known for the popular series Our Super Adventure and her work on Rick and Morty miniseries, Lil’ Poopy Superstar.

As part of our Daily Inspiration series, we caught up with Sarah in an exclusive interview to find out more about what living the dream is really like, how she managed to find success and to find out what her hopes for the future are.



Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for agreeing to interview with us here at Roll the Dice, firstly could you just tell us and our readers a little about your journey and how you started out?

Oh man, where does starting out count? I used to draw comics regularly when I was seven – they were all an ode to the British publication ‘Sonic The Comic’, but if we’re talking about when I started doing this more seriously, I self published my first comic around four years ago.

It wasn’t great, but it got the ball rolling for me! With a physical first comic, I had a reason to go to comic conventions – which I quickly fell in love with. Getting a box full of books of work you’ve done is one of the best feelings in my honest opinion, seeing your work in print is great!

That helped give me the drive to keep creating and self-publishing comics. Last year I wanted to self-publish a book collecting 200 of my comics – a real ritzy hardcover deal, and turned to Kickstarter to help fund it. That took off and got a lot of eyes on my work, including my agent at Curtis Brown LTD and Ari Yarwood, managing editor at Oni Press. A year on from that, I’ve written and drawn a Rick and Morty miniseries titled Lil’ Poopy Superstar with Oni Press (that’s in comic shops now, go get at it!), me and my agent are currently pitching a YA graphic novel and I’m currently working on a creator-owned series titled KIM REAPER with Oni Press due out in April 2017.



Wow, it sounds like things are really taking off for you right now! What would you say have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome and how have you kept yourself so motivated throughout the process?

Believing in myself early on!! I think a lot of people get this – I’ve seen people who I think are ridiculously talented tweet about not feeling good enough at art, which is like, both unreal and also reassuring, y’know? Everyone seems to feel this way no matter how skilled they are – it’s a horrible feeling and it sucks when anyone feels like it! But it’s also good to know you’re not the only one, ha. The whole ‘am I good enough to do this should I be doing this maybe I’ll just lie face down on the ground for a bit’ feeling – I used to get that a bunch when I first started drawing comics. I kept drawing them anyway, and as I’ve put out more and more comics more and more people message me amazing things, or come up to me at shows to tell me how much they love what I’m doing – it’s incredible and so nice and I appreciate those people so much! I still get that feeling sometimes but I just think about all the great people or how much I’ve improved and i’ll be like, let’s do this!!


So in the last few years, you’ve really gained a huge following and your kick-starter campaign reached more than 400% of it’s original £4,000 target, what would you say is your favourite or the most unusual thing a fan has said/ given you since you found fame?

Aw jeez, I can’t pick favourites! Everything anyone has ever given me has been so nice. Either nobody has given me anything weird, or someone has and it was so weird I blocked it out of my memory.
Please nobody give me anything weird!
This wasn’t a question but someone commented that mine and Stef’s relationship is perfect and precious like an anime and I laughed for a really long time, I loved getting that message!

What have you enjoyed most in your career so far?

Maybe seeing my comics in shops, but I think the best thing about working in comics for me is meeting fans at shows! Y’all so lovely!

Do you have a personal favourite when it comes to your work?

With each issue of Lil’ Poopy Superstar I’d draw something really goofy and be like, this is it, this is the best thing i’ve ever drawn and I will not top this, and then the following issue I’d do the same and feel the same way again. I’m fickle with my drawings! If I had to pick a favourite Our Super Adventure strip though it’d probably be this one [Below]

What advice would you give to anyone struggling to start out?

I guess most of my advice in regards to making stuff is, you’ve just gotta bite the bullet and do it!
If you’re putting off something scary you’re also putting off anything good that might come from it or any cool experiences. I’ve met so many incredible people from making comics, and the reason I know Stef is because of making stuff and putting it online!
Make stuff and keep making stuff! If you’re worried and waiting until you feel good enough, don’t wait just do it! You get good by doing stuff so do the stuff!
Imagine me stamping about cheering do the thing and then do the thing.

What are you most excited about right now and what are your hopes for the future?

I’m really excited about what I’m working on right now (Kim Reaper with Oni Press!), but I’d love to branch out into writing cartoons or video-games. If anyone wants to hire me for either they should get in touch! I’ll write the heck out of them.
I just really love writing and drawing stories. I hope one day I get to do that in a studio in the mountains. I wanna write a graphic novel in a lil’ cabin surrounded by nature with a great wi-fi connection, that’s the dream.
If you love Sarah as much as we do, you can find her books online and in all good comic stores, visit her site (here) or you could even become one of her sponsors through Patron here:
We would like to say a huge thank you to the incredible Sarah Graley for her time, please let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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