Come on now, own up; how many of you have a guitar that you never play? Maybe you started to teach yourself because guitars are cool, but then it got lost with all the other projects you start and never finish. Or maybe you were always an avid player until work and kids and life got in the way. Well today is the day to change that!

Change those strings, blow the dust of those frets, and get strumming! Whether you’re just noodling around or blasting out some tunes, it all counts. In fact, why not share the love and share your musical love with all and sundry! You could cover your favourite track or, better yet, create some new music! Get it recorded, show it off, and get everyone else you know involved, see who you can get to join in.

Just for a bit of inspiration, check out some of the amazing instruments you could get your hands on

For fans of Industrial music…

…or Steampunk








Something for the Gamers



And for lovers of the Kitty

This one is positively iridescent!

Something almost invisible!


Or something a little more classic?











And if you’re just starting out, you should definitely check out the Learn to play Guitar section of the site, with tutorial videos from our very own Guitar teacher LeftHandedMatt.

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