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Since its release back in November 2011 and with over 121 million copies sold, there are few gamers who haven’t experienced the block building phenomenon that is Minecraft. However even the keenest of sky palace-building aficionados will admit to sometimes running a bit dry on creativity or losing interest in their nuclear powered egg harvesting bunker.

But fear not, in their infinite wisdom Mojang (and since 2014 owners Microsoft) have opened up the game to the modding community with an impressively enthusiastic and entirely unsurprising response of mods ranging in complexity, usefulness and sheer fun. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourites below:


Minecraft Hat Mod

If it’s one thing every game needs, it’s more hats. This cosmetic mod adds over 100 hats to Minecraft, along with customisation options to make your own. Things are slightly more complicated though, as you have to hunt the hats down, searching on random mobs around the world. Watch out for a zombie sporting a sombrero though, as he’s very keen to keep out of the sun.

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Minefactory Reloaded

Minecraft reloaded Mod

You want tech? Can’t get enough gadgets? Considered one of the best all-round technology mods by the community is Minefactory Reloaded, which adds tons of machines and automated devices to maximise the efficiency of all your in-game systems. Breed cows, harvest eggs, shuffle music playing – all from the comfort of your robotic command chair.

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Botania Mod

Alternatively, if you’re seeking a break from tech and blueprints you could take a look at Botania, which prides itself on
being built on ‘natural magic’. Harvesting the power of the earth, you use ‘mana’ and create magical flowers to automate processes and are encouraged to find unique combinations and recipes. It’s been designed to fit in with other mods or be completely standalone if you’re looking for a break away from the standard game environment. Or if you enjoy sandals, acoustic guitar and music festivals.

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Invasion Mod

Is the Minecraft world not dangerous enough for your liking? Imagine a world where you can’t build crafting tables, you have to find them in the wild. What if there were no natural resources and you had to rely on airdrops which both other players and beasts will be hunting down at the same time? Everything wants to fight you, torches cause random fires and you have to right-click to pick anything up. You’re playing Invasion, the mod that constantly keeps you on your toes to stay alive and stay supplied. Mod creator Darkosto sums it up: “Will you rise above the rest, or will you fall like so many before you?”

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Forever Stranded

Forever Stranded

Imagine an airplane disaster movie made of Minecraft blocks and you’ll be somewhere close to Forever Stranded, a mod that drops you into an airplane crash site with no resources and surrounded by desert. Oh, plus you’ll also be constantly battling hunger, angry zombies and overheating – still you’ll have plenty of time to plan the day ahead whilst hiding in a boarded-up plane on the first night, drowning out the moans from outside. They say it does get easier after a while though. Maybe. Could just be the heatstroke…

View the mod website

Our brief list is only a glimmer into what’s out there – which other mods do you enjoy playing?

You can search for plenty of mods, packs and other goodies for tons of games over at the Curse website.


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